Thursday, September 29, 2005

Have you seen this guy? Do you know him?

He appears as graffiti on downtown buildings and doorways in my city.

In one incarnation he is nearly life-sized, standing four feet tall on the backside of an empty building. In another, on a street one block over, he stands only six inches high, hovering at eye level. He might be a symbol for some secret society. But I don't know, he seems more innocent than that. Something about his guileless stare and the way he so willingly shows me his heart.

I worry about him a little. The climate is not very hospitable to his kind these days. Anything that's spray painted without permission on public or private surfaces is not likely to last. But whenever I'm driving downtown, I go around the block just to check on him, see if he's still there. He's like a revelation, the meaning of which I have yet to discover.


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