Monday, August 22, 2005

My dog Keeper is five years old. I brought him home on April Fool's Day in the year 2000. According to the people at the humane society, he is part Dachsund and part Pomeranian. So that makes him a Dacheranian. Or maybe it makes him a Pomdach. Most people say they can see the Pomeranian part because of his tail and his tendency to smile a lot. Some people don't believe the Dachsund part...they don't see any signs of wiener doggedness. At least one person is convinced he's part Japanese Sheba dog.

One of my friends says simply, "He's a funny looking dog." Keeper and I look at each other and wonder. What is it? Legs too short? Body too long? Tail doesn't go with the head? What? Whatever it is that makes him look funny to other people, we just can't quite see it. I guess it comes from living too close to the mystery on a daily basis.

It's enough to make one want to curl up in a window seat and sleep on it for several hours.